Benefit for veteran musician Anthony Hernandez to help with medical expenses

The benefit will raise funds to help the award-winning Tejano musician with medical costs for dialysis and more.

A benefit for veteran Tejano musician Anthony Hernandez to help with medical expenses will take place at Jaime’s Place in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday, Aug. 17.


The event was created by John Hernandez of Top-Shelf Band as part of his weekly jam session at the downtown venue. John and Anthony are long-time friends and colleagues. Anthony has performed for many bands in a career that spans over 45 years and now that he has become ill enough for medical care, John is calling all his musical peers to support a fundraiser to cover unexpected medical costs.

Norma Jean Mendez, Anthony’s wife and Tejano Nation journalist, known as “Jina Ink” said, “This is something we as a family haven’t even thought of, so we’re very grateful that we have enough friends to consider this for Anthony. People always asked me why I always supported fundraising, donating my time for free. Now you know why. You never know when it’ll be your turn and don’t know our future possibilities. One thing I do know is that I’ve been given almost 18 years to an incredible loving generous and talented individual, who is still full of life now waiting on kidney dialysis and congestive heart failure. Every day is a challenge and God is our refuge. I want to thank all of you, I don’t want anyone left out, if Anthony ever touched your heart even once, that’s the Anthony I live and fight for every day. So, thank you for your help.”

Anthony Hernandez Benefit by John Hernandez, Top Shelf Band & Friends 

  • When: Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 7:30-11:30 pm
  • Where: Jaime’s Place, 1514 W Commerces St, San Antonio, Texas 
  • Monetary donations will be accepted. Checks can be made payable to Anthony Hernandez or via Zelle at 210-999-1125
Norma Jean Mendez (Jina Ink) and Anthony Hernandez | Courtesy photo

Anthony Hernandez Bio by Jin Ink

Anthony Hernandez is the lead vocalist for his band The Crew. The musician plays keyboards, bass, drums, guitar, accordion, and sings. We all heard about sensational entertainers and San Antonio Texas is full of the best singers, songwriters, and performers. Today in this new decade, recognition is highly recommended to a man whose talent is beyond anything anyone has ever seen, a man who has built his contributions for so many other bands all over the United States.

Hernandez was born and raised in San Antonio Texas and is very versatile in his music. He started playing his music at an early age of five years old, playing drums, and had his first recording at age 9 (for the St. Frances Glee Club by sister Mary Theresa).

At age 11, Anthony began sitting in with different bands and picking up other instruments (bass) for his family who formed a Conjunto band, and by the age of 14, he formed his own band, Felix Y Los Quarto Estrellas, which lasted with that name for a couple of years and then changed the name to Grupo Monticello recording two 45 records. At such an early age you would think this is too much for a kid, right? But nothing has stopped this kid from such a huge resume. After playing with Grupo Monticello for a few years, one of San Antonio’s finest musicians decided to take a look at this kid and was amazed by his talents, little did he know he was asked to play for Sunny and The Sunliners. By the age of 17, Hernandez was so powerful with his instruments that he was asked to work with other top performers, that’s when the legendary Manny Guerra decided to bring him along to work at AMEN Studios.

Hernandez has also recorded for Jimmy Edward, Shelly Lares, Oscar G., Ricardo Castillon, and La Mafia. He became one of the most talented musicians in San Antonio and even made appearances on major television program networks and commercials.

At the age of 21 years, Hernandez was asked to perform for a band with a new wave, new style, and a classy atmosphere. The band was called Pure Magic which gave a Vegas Style repertoire. This led to him having a professional institution that was owned and directed by Mr. Jimmy Casas. This band was in huge demand at the time and opened up an even more wide path for Anthony, just to join forces with an old time friend, Joe Revelez, and do something no one has been able to duplicate, a dual keyboard team sounding like a nine-piece band, while Hernandez played keys, touch base, and drums at the same time.

Los Dudes landed Hernandez the Most Promising Band award in 1989 at the Tejano Music Awards and toured through their second album, and are still in the studio after 15 years doing their third album. Also taking a break from just that, Hernandez played with Ram Herrera and The Outlaw Band in 1992. He also arranged three albums for Ram, which helped him grow his already amazing resume.

Tejano is not the only thing this phenomenal artist performs. His love of rhythm and blues and jazz led him towards a touring musician with The Coasters, The Platters, and The Drifters in the late ’80s. Now you can find Hernandez in the Tejano scene with the legendary Joe Posada, playing keyboards.

Herandez received a two nominations for best keyboard player of the year for the Tejano Academy Awards, winning the award in 2010. In March 2010, he has signed with Posada’s Baby Dude Records and released his solo debut eponymous album, dedicated to all the outstanding artists he’s ever worked with.

Thanks to all the promoters and writers on this event, and a special thanks to all the fans who keep the music alive. Anthony Hernandez is one of the most talented Artists in the world and will continue to strive for the love of his music and his fans.  Sometimes in life in music, we’re forgotten, but not gone. The best is still yet to come.

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