Fresh off his first Tejano Music Awards win, Ray Ray Garcia working on new album

The singer-songwriter, who won Video of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards in 2021, is working on his next album.

Ray Ray Garcia has always dreamed of taking home a Tejano Music Award since his career began as part of his family’s band, Los Agues, in the 1990s. The singer-songwriter finally received the prestigious accolade of Video of the Year at the 41st Tejano Music Awards last November. Now, the San Antonio native wants more and is currently working on his next project, his fourth album.


“Me and my family we’ve been doing this since 1993 and we were nominated many times but could never get it done,” Ray Ray tells Tejano Nation. “To be now in my solo career, to get it done is a very special feeling.”

The music video for “Ven Ven Ven” was produced by Lupe Moya of LM Media Solutions and the very creative video captured the essence of the song.

Ray Ray — “Ven Ven Ven”
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“We’re going to keep doing stuff like that and moving Tejano to different regions,” said Ray Ray, who is planning on taking his music to Monterrey, Mexico with thoughts of moving to the city in the future. “Take Tejano across the border and ‘Ven Ven Ven’ has already taken it further that.”

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Ray Ray | Courtesy photo

The song with a fun summertime vibe was written by Ray-Ray with production from Hugo Guerrero at Nightmare Audio Productions during the pandemic and was part of his album Veinte Veinte Es Mi Tiempo released in 2020. “Ven Ven Ven” was an escape for those who were stuck in their homes with no place to go and the music video was an escape to exotic vistas from across the world.

“The vibe I was going for is a fun summer song that everyone can dance to at home, in their living room, or anywhere,” said Ray Ray. “The song is inspired by this pandemic to keep people’s spirits up all over the world. It is one of the many songs that are part of my pandemic collection for the new album. Meaning we had a lot of time on our hands and wrote almost half the album during this time.”

Ray Ray is currently working on his fourth album titled King Of Kings (El Rey de Los Reyes) tentatively scheduled for release at the end of 2022. His next single is expected soon.  

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