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Esmeralda G continues to spotlight Tejano influence with ‘Ya No Te Vayas’

The singer promotes Tejano music and culture in her native Mexico.

Courtesy of Ozono Music

Tejano newcomer Esmeralda G is a genuine talent who continues to grow with all her essence and maintain her roots, representing Tejano music in Mexico.


“Ya No Te Vayas” is her latest single release, a song written and produced by Fabián Elizondo at Ozono Music Production.

Esmeralda G — “Ya No te Vayas”
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Esmeralda G stands out for her voice and elegance as one of the talented newcomers within the Tejano genre as she continues to earn a special place and respect within the industry which has not been easy but she has never given up.

The Mexico-based singer is talented and creative, she continues to promote that Tejano music and focuses her faith in Tejano music and trusts the genre will internationalize. Her influences within the industry include legends and icons like Laura Canales, Ram Herrera, Shelly Lares, La Mafia, Selena, Joe Posada, Mazz, Latin Breed, Josefa, Los Fabulosos 4, David Lee Garza, etc.

Esmeralda G epitomizes Tejano music and culture with strength, fight, authenticity, tenacity, discipline, charisma, and above all genuine hope.

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