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Ray Ray Garcia cover of ‘Ojos Para Ti’ creating buzz in the Tejano industry

Ray Ray intended to create a buzz for his version of the 1994 hit song with the single's cover.

Singer-songwriter Ray Ray Garcia is keeping it fresh with his latest release updating the classic Tejano hit “Ojos Para Ti” originally recorded by Stephanie Lynn in 1994 and peaked at #32 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.


“It was one of my favorites and I love the way (Stephanie Lynn) did the delivery on it and just how strong the song is,” Ray Ray tells Tejano Nation. “If I were to put my little twist on that one, it would be Ray Ray’s style.”

The cover for “Ojos Para Ti” is creating a buzz in the industry, which was Ray Ray’s intention. The cover for the lead single for an upcoming album features a shirtless Ray Ray with his wife Erica Garcia, both looking as if they are nude.

“We want to thank everybody for the response. Of course, the cover they are calling it Fifty Shades of Ray Ray,” he said. “Having a strong, supportive marriage is not all glamor but we know how to communicate. We have our disputes and stuff but we know how to get through it and still love each other. Especially right now at this time when life isn’t even certain. Make sure you tell them you love them and show them you love them.”

Ray Ray Garcia interview with DJ Peaches

“Ojos Para Ti” was written by Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer Beto Ramon, who has penned songs for Tejano icons like Jimmy Gonzalez, Jay Perez, Ram Herrera, Lydia Castillo, and recently Marisela Hernandez. Also adding to the list of talented producers, musicians are Sevy Contreras and Hugo Guerrero.

Ray Ray’s latest album, Viente Viente Es Mi Tiempo, showcases the San Antonio singer’s authentic style and versatility. The crossover international single “Ven Ven Ven” tributes the international sound of his family band Los Agues of the 1990s. The English single “I’ll Be Missing You” featuring Aisha is inspired by the lives lost during the pandemic.

Ray Ray and Erica have been very supportive of other Tejano artists. Attending events, going live on Facebook to showcase the talent, and just to show that Tejano is very much alive. The one award that Ray Ray is trying to obtain is the prestigious Tejano Music Award. Ray Ray is hoping to secure a Grammy and a Gold Record, reaching his goals. More importantly, Ray Ray wants to leave his legacy and to make his family proud. All of us at Tejano Nation wish Ray Ray luck and much success.

Viente Viente Es Mi Tiempo from Ray Ray is available to stream or download at all digital music outlets.

Ray Ray — “Ojos Para Ti”
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