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La Fiebre founding member Joe Angel Reynosa inducted into Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame

The founding member for one of Tejano's legendary bands for over 35 years was inducted on Jan. 8.

Joe Angel Reynosa was inducted into the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame on January 8, 2022, In Alice, Texas. | Courtesy photo

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place in Alice, Texas on January 8.  The annual event honors a new class of prestigious musicians, broadcasters, promoters, composers, and sound engineers in the Tejano Industry.  This year, La Fiebre founding member and bass guitarist Joe Angel Reynosa was part of the class of 2021.

“It’s a big honor,” Reynosa tells Tejano Nation. “I never thought they would call upon me.  It is humbling to be inducted with some of my brothers, Rudy Rocha (guitarist), Luis Ayala (Trumpet), and Pete Espinoza (original vocalist).”  

Reynosa began his music career at the age of 6 courtesy of a family member.  As a child, he was born with a heart murmur and after having heart surgery, his mother had brought him a Mickey Mouse toy guitar and he never put it down. As he got older, he switched to the bass guitar, playing rock music, and participating in talent shows and choirs at Sam Rayburn High School in Pasadena, Texas.   

After high school and playing in several local bands, little did he know in 1986 his life would change by forming one of Tejano’s legendary bands, La Fiebre.  Reynosa was “On The Rise” with countless hits selling over 100,000 copies of each album receiving nominations for the Latin GRAMMYS and GRAMMYS. 

La Fiebre | Courtesy of Freddie Records

When asked what is the most rewarding feeling out of all his success? Reynosa responded in the most humble way, “Awards are great but the best reward in the world is performing in front of my fans.” 

Rudy Rocha stated, “About 35 years ago, I had to talk to you into doing this thing we call La Fiebre. We have made many memories, pushed through obstacles, and celebrated milestones throughout the years. Congratulations on the induction into the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame! We are proud of you! It’s been long overdue and well deserved! Love you, Bro!” 

Paul Ybarra, manager of La Fiebre, commented, “You are a great person as well as a great friend. Joe, not only am I blessed to be a part of La Fiebre but more than anything, thank you for being a great friend. You are well deserving of the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame award. Congratulations my friend.” 

Joe Angel Reynosa, on behalf of Tejano Nation, we congratulate you! 


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