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Stefani Montiel teams with Vampiro for sizzling hot fusion of Tejano, Latin Rock, and Chúntaro on ‘Quédate Con Él’

Two Latin music icons join forces on a brand new single that is sure to make huge waves north and south of the border.

Stefani Montiel recently excited fans with a video teaser for her collaboration with Grammy-winning guitarist Vampiro and the highly-anticipated joint effort, “Quédate Con Él,” premiered today featuring a sizzling hot fusion of Tejano, Latin Rock, and Chúntaro style.


“We are super, super excited about this collaboration with Vampiro,” Montiel tells Tejano Nation. “A lot of people may not know him by name but if you’ve heard any songs by Mana and Jaguares, you’ve definitely heard this guy play guitar and he’s an incredible guitarist. I’m so excited to have him on this track.”

Montiel’s voice is flawless on this love-gone-wrong hit creating a sound and a style that sounds like a formidable combination.

“It’s a cumbia, very, very danceable from the first not that you hear Vampiro play you’re going to already start moving your body and bobbing that heard and it’s going to get you up on the dancefloor or wherever you dance,” said Montiel.

The wonderfully produced song has many accomplices in the making of this solid hit, including award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala arranging and producing, and highly acclaimed drummer Christina Hinojosa delivering a master class on rhythm and delicious Latin flavor.

“It’s definitely, of course, Zavala style, Stefani Montiel style, but we have a little bit of that Rock En Espanol in there with those guitars,” said Montiel. “The style is a little bit more of a Chuntaro type cumbia style, which I’ve loved for many, many years and we also feature our amazing drummer Christina Hinojosa on the track as well so it’s going to be a good one!”

The music, the lyrics, the beat, the arrangement, Vampiro’s electrifying guitar solo, and haunting vocals resulted in a song with instant appeal at many levels as Montiel continues to innovate her sound.

“We try, we have some really loyal fans out there and sometimes they’re like, ‘Well, that’s not Tejano,’ but what is Tejano anymore, you know,” she said. “We have to keep innovating, we have to keep growing as an industry and that’s the only way we can capture the ear of people outside of Tejano and we need Tejano to grow and to continue to reach new places. We used to do this a lot in the ’90s, we used to collaborate with other artists and kind of grow our market and open our market up to other genres and people that normally wouldn’t listen to Tejano music. So we’re just trying to do that again. Having Vampiro a part of this is just a big plus for us.”

Stefani Montiel — “Quédate Con Él” featuring Vampiro
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Two Latin music icons, Tejano superstar Stefani Montiel and Latin Rock master Cesar “Vampiro” Lopez, joined forces on a brand new single that is sure to make huge waves north and south of the border. “Quédate Con Él” is out to radio today and will be available to stream or download on digital musical platforms soon.

Montiel added fans can look for more surprises in 2022. “We are coming out with lots of music,” she said. “Last year we traveled a lot working at a few different studios in L.A., Nashville, Chicago, and of course San Antonio. We have probably close to 15 songs ready and we’re going to release maybe an album or maybe an EP, I don’t know yet. it’s still to come. So, more surprises coming your way.”

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