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Hailyn Bella releases emotional music video for touching tribute song to her late father

The visual for the tribute song features videos, photos and audio from her father, who passed away from COVID-19 complications in August.

YouTube / Hailyn Bella

Hailyn Bella released an emotional music video for her latest single “Salvador Bella,” a heartfelt ballad that honors the memory of her late father who passed away from COVID-19 complications in August.


The song was to be part of a Latin Pop EP that Hailyn shelved before deciding to go into the Tejano industry and she intends to add it to her upcoming debut album. She recut the vocals for the song to honor those who had recently passed during the pandemic, but tragedy struck her own family. Producer Chris Lieck remixed the previously recorded vocals into a heartfelt ballad while Hailyn mourned with family.

“I thought it would be really great to connect to people that lost a loved one through COVID but I never thought it would actually apply to me,” Hailyn tells Tejano Nation.

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The theme of the official music video features an hourglass throughout the visual for the tribute song.

“I really want people to remember that we are all on borrowed time that was the main message for the video and what are we going to do with it,” said Hailyn. “If there’s something covering that top part of the hourglass we don’t know when that last little grain of sand is gonna fall. So really live to the fullest and it’s cliche, tell the people that you love how much you love them, appreciate every moment that you have and especially every breath.”

The video was very emotional and sometimes difficult for the singer to film, which featured photos, videos, and voicemails of her father.

“It was pretty hard, it was really hard to put that together,” she said. “Even just thinking about it right now and showing it to my mom, we both cried and it’s still challenging to even talk about sometimes. I just really wanted to be more raw, to be more open, to let people know that artists no matter how big or how small an artist becomes or is — it’s something that reminds everyone we’re still human too. We have feelings just like everybody else.”

Hailyn Bella — “Salvador Bella”
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