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JC Hernandez and Monica Saldivar collaborate for cover of ‘Nunca Te Voy A Dejar’

The duet is the lead single from the upcoming full debut album for Hernandez due out Nov. 5.

Courtesy of La Llave Music Group

Tejano newcomer JC Hernandez has teamed with award-winning singer Monica Saldivar for the duet, “Nunca Te Voy A Dejar,” released by La Llave Music Group and Tex Sound Publishing. It’s a cover of a song recently recorded by Elias Medina and Ale Zéguer.


Hernandez is a fan of Saldivar and he reached out to producer Eddie Perez to collaborate with the current Tejano Music Awards Best New Female Artist winner.

“I knew Eddie was working with her and so I just asked Eddie, ‘Hey let’s see if we can get a duet going and see if you could make it happen for me,” Hernandez tells Tejano Nation.

The Arkansas native is the latest artist to sign with La Llave Music Group, the record label owned by Perez, who also produces for Saldivar.

“Listening to it, it’s a very romantic song. It’s talking about not leaving the other person at times when you feel a certain way about them,” Saldivar tells Tejano Nation. “It’s the kind of commitment, the kind of passion that you have in a relationship. I thought it was a beautiful song and working with Eddie Perez from La Calma on the production of it, I was all in!”

“Nunca Te Voy A Dejar” is the lead single from the upcoming album, La Mujer Perfecta (Deluxe Edition), the first full album from Herandez with La Llave Music Group, due out November 5, 2021. He released an EP earlier this year.

“I honestly couldn’t ask to be on any other label, I mean what Eddie does, I’m very grateful with everything he’s done,” said Hernandez. “It’s really hard to find someone that will take on a new artist and do what he’s doing. It’s just awesome what he’s done for me.”

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