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Isabel Marie Sanchez featured on new mural unveiled at historic Alameda Theater in San Antonio

The 18-year-old award-winning singer is one of four performers featured in a mural highlighting SA's Latino arts and culture.

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Award-winning Tejano singer Isabel Marie Sanchez is featured on a new mural recently unveiled at the historic Alameda Theater in San Antonio, Texas.


The Aztec-inspired mural titled “Amor Eterno” was designed by Alan Calvo as part of the Art Everywhere initiative organized by Centro San Antonio to highlight San Antonio’s Latino arts and culture, something he hopes people will appreciate when viewing the mural.

“Hopefully this will get the city to invest even more into this theater,” Calvo said to the crowd during the unveiling ceremony.

The mural showcases different singers that have performed at the historic theater including Vicente Fernandez, Lola Beltran, and Antonio Aguilar, as well as featuring rising star Isabel Marie Sanchez.

“This is, honestly, such an honor,” Sanchez said ina video posted to her social media. “Especially because I feel like San Antonio’s my home even though I was born in Chicago. It feels like my second home and I have so many friends that have become family here and I love San Antonio. It’s been great for us.”

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The 18-year-old singer has been entertaining Tejano fans since her debut album, New Girl In Town, released in March 2016 when she was just 13 years old. Isabel Marie won Best New Female Artist at the Tejano Music Awards in 2017 after the success of her debut album. She added Top Female Artist at the My Tejano Awards in 2019. She subsequently released three more albums, including her latest IV, released in December 2019.

The historic Alameda Theater is under renovation with hopes to ultimately reopen. It opened as a performing arts venue in 1949.

“Who knows how many other families there are out there that care about this theater reopening?” Calvo said. “I’m doing this for our culture, and I’m doing this for our city… Let’s get this theater open.”

The San Antonio-based artist created a Selena mural in 2019 on the side of the Alamo Candy building.

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