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David Beck’s Tejano Weekend premieres ‘Put Me In Jail’ official music video feat. David Lee Garza

The Tejano collaboration is a remake of the 1966 hit song from legendary group Sunny and The Sunliners.

David Beck’s Tejano Weekend — “Put Me In Jail” ft. David Lee Garza
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David Beck’s Tejano Weekend premiere the official music video for “Put Me In Jail” featuring Tejano icon David Lee Garza exclusively with Tejano Nation. The danceable tune is the second release from the group’s highly-anticipated album David Beck’s Tejano Weekend Vol. 2, due out Oct. 15.


The Tex-Mex band from central Texas put their own spin on the classic 1966 hit from legendary band Sunny and The Sunliners. Frontman David Beck tells Tejano Nation the idea to record the song happened when he was cruising around listening to the radio.

“I heard it on the radio and I was like, this is super cool, and I just started listening to The Sunliners to learn about their history and everything,” said Beck. “I thought that was a perfect song for our group to do.”

The collaboration features one of the most iconic accordionists in Tejano music, David Lee Garza, who is a fan of David Beck’s Tejano Weekend unique style, Tejano music with English lyrics.

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“Yeah, he had heard of us before we even did anything together, he knew it and liked it,” explained Beck. “He just plays so good, it’s wild being in the same room with him playing accordion, it’s a powerful force.”

Beck and Garza had a chance meeting at Blue Cat Studios in San Antonio, where the concept of collaboration was formed.

“I never thought that it would happen,” said Beck. “When I started with this music I never thought it would go this far. It’s a huge honor.”

The visual for “Put Me In Jail” was filmed by Eric Morales at Cibolo Studios in San Antonio, Texas.

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It was four years ago that Beck found his creative calling at a house party that played a video of Tejano queen Selena Quintanilla performing with her band Los Dinos at the Houston Astrodome. That was the beginning of David Beck’s Tejano Weekend.

All five band members – David BeckDees StriblingDavid HerreraJohn Saucedo, and Peter Huysman – are Lone Star State natives with a penchant for guitars, accordions, bajo sexto, trumpet, percussion, and keyboards. A fresh band on the Tex-Mex scene that would immediately raise eyebrows performing Tejano music with English lyrics by a self-described “tall, goofy white boy” showcasing sonic authenticity at every turn.

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