David Beck’s Tejano Weekend delivers Tex-Mex authenticity on upcoming second studio album due Oct. 15

The upcoming sophomore album from the Austin-based band will feature collaborations with Tejano icon David Lee Garza.

David Beck’s Tejano Weekend | Courtesy photo

AUSTIN, TEXAS – You can’t fake Tejano music, just like you certainly can’t fake ranchera music. Both genres, which merge artistic and aesthetic sensibilities from Texas and Mexico, demand sonic authenticity at every turn. Enter David Beck’s Tejano Weekend, a fresh band on the Tex-Mex scene that would immediately raise eyebrows. You have Tejano songs all sporting English lyrics sung by a self-described “tall, goofy white boy.”


David Beck’s Tejano Weekend is the real deal straight from Texas. All five band members – David Beck, Dees Stribling, David Herrera, John Saucedo, and Peter Huysman – are Lone Star State natives with a penchant for guitars, accordions, bajo sexto, trumpet, percussion, and keyboards. You’ll hear all of that and more on David Beck’s Tejano Weekend Vol. II, the band’s upcoming second full-length album to be released October 15.

The Texas-proud recording, crafted January 2020 in Dripping Springs, Kingsbury, and San Antonio, Texas, is a mixture of originals and covers with a secret weapon. Tejano music legend David Lee Garza performs on two tunes, the rhythmic, rollicking “The Deal of a Lifetime” and “Put Me in Jail.” Other gems from the project include the melodic, mid-tempo ballad “I Rush In (Just Like a Fool),” the dance floor charger “Laugh and Say Goodbye,” the accordion-fueled stomper “For Somebody’s Sake,” and an inspired cover of Billy Joe Shaver’s “Live Forever.”

These songs, as well as many others, will give David Beck’s Tejano Weekend a rich repertoire to work with while on stage. In fact, concerts are where memories are made for this young group of musicians.

“The San Antonio rodeo was a turning point,” remembers Beck. “It was a big gig for us. San Antonio is the Tejano mecca, so we came out swinging. The crowd was skeptical at first, which happens a lot. I don’t blame them, I’d be skeptical of a tall goofy white boy playing this music, too. But you can’t argue with the beat, and once we started playing some Ramón Ayala the dance floor was flooded.”

There’s that authenticity again. That David Beck’s Tejano Weekend sound this musically tight and genuine is no small feat. It was exactly four years ago that Beck found his creative calling at a house party that played a video of Tejano queen Selena Quintanilla performing with her band Los Dinos at the Houston Astrodome. That was the beginning of David Beck’s Tejano Weekend.

Now the DBTW boys are ready to conquer the Tejano scene one gig at a time. They have a spate of Texas dates, naturally, starting Sept. 18 in Round Rock and concluding Oct. 15 in Selma. More shows are sure to be announced soon.
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