Tejano musician and radio personality Eloy Espinoza passes away

The veteran Tejano musician and radio personality passed away in his sleep on Saturday.

Eloy Espinoza | Facebook photo

Tejano musician and KEDA radio personality Eloy Espinoza passed away on Saturday in San Antonio.


Singer and actor Bobby Pulido confirmed the news of Espinoza’s death in a social media post on Oct. 3. “It is with profound sadness and a heavy heart that I share with you the news that Eloy Espinoza One of my band members and cherished friend passed away yesterday,” said Pulido. “Eloy was part of my USA tour band and worked passionately and tirelessly throughout his time with me. May God bless him and his entire family. RIP Eloy.”

Espinoza played keyboards and accordion for other bands including La Sombra, Grupo Alamo, and Daniel Lopez Y Aventura, to name just a few.

Espinoza, also known as “Double E,” was a radio personality for San Antonio radio station KEDA 99.9 FM Radio Jalapeño since 1998.

According to sources, Espinoza passed away in his sleep on Saturday morning. He had performed with country band Jukebox Preachers, featuring Tejano Music Awards winning vocalist Art Tigerina as lead singer, the night before in San Antonio.

“Eloy had been playing keys for us for a few weeks. He was excited for future shows and we were really glad to have him jam with us,” said Tigerina in a Facebook post on Oct. 3. “Eloy and I spoke after the show on Friday night. We were just looking forward to playing together…with a big smile, he said, ‘Bro- I’m happy. This is just what I need. I’ll see you tomorrow!’ I knew he was being sincere. When he didn’t respond to our group text or my texts and calls on Saturday — I just knew something was not right. I knew he wouldn’t just miss a gig.”

“Eloy had a great laugh and smile — he was a funny and likable guy,” added Tigerina. “We are just really sad.”

Espinoza was hospitalized with health issues over the past few years. The cause of death was not immediately known.

This is a developing story, Tejano Nation will have more information as it becomes available.

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