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Alizé Niño signs with Launch City Records, releases debut single ‘Loca Por Ti’

The 18-year-old singer released her debut single after signing with record label owned by former Kumbia Kings vocalist.

Alizé Niño | Courtesy photo

Alizé Niño is an emerging artist in the Tejano music scene. The singer from Dallas, Texas recently signed with Launch City Records, the Houston record label owned by Grammy winning artist Nando Dominguez, and released her debut single “Loca Por Ti.”


The 18-year-old singer shared details on her inaugural single co-written by Gilbert Jesus Casares and Roberto Reyna. “It’s a cumbia,” Niño tells Tejano Nation. “It’s about being crazy for someone, like I’m crazy for you, ‘Loca Por Ti.”

The track was produced by Dominguez, ex-vocalist of the Kumbia Kings and Los Super Reyes, who honed his production skills behind Cruz Martinez, a multiple BMI Award and Grammy winning producer. It also features production from Eric Xian Jimenez.

“Nando produced it all on his own,” added Niño. “He put trumpets and everything, he made it sound so awesome. He’s an insanely amazing producer.”

The vocalist from Dallas, Texas was discovered by Dominguez when he was guest judge for “Buscando Talento con David Olivarez,” a talent competition created by veteran Tejano singer Olivarez this spring to find new Tejano talent. Niño finished as runner-up in the competition.

“It helped me grow a lot on the show,” she said. “It helped me open myself up a lot and David Olivarez, he’s so sweet, he’s like my big brother, he helped me see a lot and all the contestants we were very close.”

The competition was the first performance ever for the shy and timid teen that has aspirations to make a career on stage.

“It just feels so unreal because since I was a little a girl it was my dream to sing and to be able to touch people with my voice and for people to listen to it and she has a story behind all of this,” she said. “Being able to sing in front of David Olivarez, it just felt very unreal, it was like a dream come true.”

This just the beginning for Alizé Niño. “Loca Por Ti” is available to stream or download at all digital music platforms.

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