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Michael Salgado releases crossover Country album ‘Blame It On The Beer’

The Grammy winner released his highly-anticipated Country album on July 2.

Courtesy of Zurdo Records

Grammy winner Michael Salgado released a crossover Country album, Blame It On The Beer, on July 2.


The album features nine songs including the previously released tracks “Honky Tonks & Cantinas,” “Just Like a Woman,” “Honky Tonk Education,” “She’s Got One Hell of a Memory,” and “Don’t Depend On Me.”

The six-time Latin Grammy winner believes fans will identify with the album’s title track, “Blame It On The Beer,” the next release from the collection of Country tunes from “El Zurdo de Oro.”

“It’s kind of a fun song and I think a lot of people will identify with it because we blame the beer on our boss, or on our team, you know, we had a bad day, so it’s that type of song,” Salgado tells Tejano Nation.

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The latest music video released to support the new album is “Don’t Depend On Me,” a song written by Nashville songwriter Corey Lee Barker, who penned a couple of tracks for the album.

“I like the song, it talks about he’s in love with somebody that kind of not going to be there because she’s going to take off with this other guy,” said Salgado. “He’s at the moment where he’s ready to maybe settle down with somebody and this girl says, ‘well, Don’t Depend On Me, because I’ve got to hit the road.”

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The Country crossover album, Blame It On The Beer, is only available to stream or download at all digital music platforms.

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