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‘Cumbiaville’ album is ‘dream project’ for Marcus Daniels as he drops ‘Dime Amor’ music video

The Waco singer released the official music video for 'Dime Amor,' the latest single from his 'Cumbiaville' album.

Marcus Daniels is a rising talent in the Tejano music industry. The Waco-based singer released his third album Cumbiaville in December. The disc was produced by award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala and it was a dream come true for Daniels.


“I’m calling this one my dream project,” Daniels tells Tejano Nation. “He did like 70-80 percent of the CD. He either produced it or he wrote it from beginning to end. I wanted to switch my style from the standard ranchera to more of a party CD. I wanted party cumbias — club cumbias is what I like to call them. I just wanted some fun jams, I’ve always wanted to make this type of CD, and working with Gabriel, I thought it was the perfect fit and he was able to do it for me.”

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The latest single from the album “Dime Amor,” a cover of the 2018 hit song from electro cumbia artist Raymix. Daniels wanted to add his own Tejano style to the song.

“I can make this a Tejano cumbia jam, a club jam,” said Daniels. “I sent it to Gabe and told him what I really wanted from it.”

Zavala wanted to add his own rap verse to the song.

“He laid his vocals on it — amazing,” added Daniels. “I think it’s one of my best works.”

The official music video for “Dime Amor” was directed by Zavala, who also came up with the storyline for the visual filmed by Ryan Bazan.

“Dime Amor” — Marcus Daniels ft. Gabriel Zavala
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