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Isabel Marie Sanchez celebrates 18th birthday as she readies fifth album

The award-winning singer is working on her fifth album as she turns 18 on March 2.

Isabel Marie Sanchez | Courtesy photo

One of the hottest young stars in Tejano music is Isabel Marie Sanchez. The award-winning singing sensation has been entertaining Tejano fans since the release of her debut album, New Girl In Town, released in March 2016 when she was just 13 years old. Today, March 2, is Isabel Marie’s 18th birthday and she’s currently working on her fifth album.


Isabel Marie shared details on her upcoming album in an interview with Fierro HD. “Yes, you can expect my fifth album,” she said. “I’m so blessed and to be able to have an amazing family like the Quintanillas believing in me and helping me in my music journey. I really am so grateful for it. I’m really excited. I think people are going to enjoy this new album.”

She has been a part of Q Productions for all five albums with the guidance of Abraham Quintanilla and Suzette Quintanilla. Isabel Marie signed with the Quintanillas at the age of 12 and Mr. Q praised her talent in an interview with Tejano Nation in 2018.

“Isabel is an artist that record companies consider as having the whole package: talent, youth, personality, stage presence, and image,” he said. “For 23 Years I have been looking and listening for a female vocalist in our Tejano market that I felt had the vocal qualities comparable to my daughter Selena. Not to replace Selena, for she will never be replaced. I think that Isabel Marie is an extraordinarily talented young woman.”

Isabel Marie won Best New Female Artist at the Tejano Music Awards in 2017 after the success of her debut album. She added Top Female Artist at the My Tejano Awards in 2019. She is a star that will only grow brighter with each new album released. Happy 18th birthday Isabel Marie Sanchez!

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