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Marcus Daniels on his love of Tejano culture, new album + more

The Waco singer talks about his love of Tejano culture, musical influences, new album and more with The AC Cruz Podcast.

Marcus Daniels is a rising talent in Tejano music. The Waco singer has been compared to late Chicano music legend “El Charro Negro” Bobby Butler and Dee Burleson of Culturas. Daniels spoke about those comparisons, his love of Tejano culture, his new album, and much more in an interview with The AC Cruz Podcast.


The crooner was influenced and touched by Tejano culture as a teenager attending quinceañeras with his friends, who were mostly Hispanic.

“I’m just a regular Black dude, who loves Tejano. Tejano is in the heart,” Daniels tells host AC Cruz in the interview. “As we got older, me and my buddies started going out to clubs and I fell in love with David Lee (Garza), Michael Salgado, and The Hometown Boys.”

He had always been a singer and finally got the courage to dive into the genre that he loved the most.

Daniels released his debut album My Tejana in 2015 and his sophomore album Perdido Amor two years later. He recently teamed with award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala to produce his third album Cumbiaville released in December.

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