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‘Aguas Frescas’ is latest chapter from Veronique Medrano’s upcoming ‘La Novela’ EP

The singer, songwriter, and entertainer has released the latest story from her upcoming fourth album.

Courtesy: NextGen Records

Veronique Medrano is part of the next generation of Tejano artists. The four-time Tejano Music Awards nominee is set to drop her fourth album, La Novela, on Dec. 4. It’s an EP featuring five songs that share her own life experiences as a millenial Mexican American woman finding love, experiencing heartbreak, and eventually moving on.


The lead single from the EP, “Hola y Adiós,” was released in late 2019. The follow-up single is the upbeat “Aguas Frescas” and the next chapter in the story. The track was co-written by Veronique and Moises Mata, with production by Mike Torres III, John Ontiveros, and Will O’Rourke, all members of LA 45.

“I definitely feel that this is a good companion to the other songs I’ve written,” Veronique tells Tejano Nation. “It is definitely a good way to complement ‘Hola y Adiós’ to what people are going to hear.”

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“‘Hola y Adiós’ was a bit more modern, definitely Tejano or Regional Mexican Alternativo, where we are blending these styles and giving people a fresh sound, cumbia, ranchera, and these songs really do sound great,” she added. “‘Aguas Frescas’ is a refreshing tune in my opinion, as funny as that sounds.”

Veronique signed with NextGen Records for her fourth album, the new record label co-owned by La 45 co-founder Torres and Ontiveros launched in October.

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The EP, La Novela, from Veronique Medrano is available now to pre-save at your favorite digital music platform with a scheduled release for Dec. 4.

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