The Mavericks keep ‘En Español’ flowing with Flaco Jimenez collaboration ‘No Vale la Pena’

The Grammy-winning group teamed with the legendary accordionist for a collaboration cover of a classic tune.

The Mavericks lead vocalist and founder Raul Malo credits famed accordionist Flaco Jimenez with guiding the group, who is currently promoting its first all-Spanish album, En Español, on the more Tex-Mex path of its unique, longtime multi-cultural musical journey.


Since the group collaborated with Jimenez in the mid-1990s on one of its first hits, “All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down,” Malo said the journey soon became one that celebrated the combination of cultures, with Tex-Mex and Tejano proving dominant features of the Mavericks’ music.

“The truth is that sound, and I’ve got to say, you know, looking back on it, I can see that now, like it sent us on a path,” Malo said. “And it’s been a beautiful path. And it’s been our own. And it hasn’t always been easy, to say the least, but it’s been very rewarding, spiritually, musically, psychologically.”

Mavericks and Flaco fans can hear the two musical treasures unite again on “No Vale Le Pena”, the latest release from En Español, with Flaco’s accordion meandering throughout the Mexican classic, surfacing at just the right moments. “No Vale La Pena” was made famous and written by the iconic Juan Gabriel.

Malo respects the traditional song but belts out the notes as only his voice can, making this song a solid contribution to the album, En Español.

As Malo reminisces on Flaco’s influence on the Mavericks, he said Flaco led them on a path that eventually got them to all the places they needed to be.

“We are exactly where we need to be,” Malo said. “As musicians, we’ve done exactly what we’ve wanted to do. And so, I thank (Flaco) for that.”

Catch Flaco’s accordion prowess and Malo’s inimitable vocals on “No Vale La Pena,” available on all digital platforms.

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