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Lydia Castillo shares personal experience in ‘Que Se Grabe En Tu Mente’ single and video

The San Antonio singer took from a personal experience for her latest single for upcoming debut album.

Emerging artist Lydia Castillo released the official music video for “Que Se Grabe En Tu Mente,” the latest single for the San Antonio singer.


“This song is actually based about my life experience, you know, losing people and just getting over it and going on with life and making myself happy,” Castillo tells Tejano Nation. “Something that I want people to listen to and maybe relate to and maybe heal from it as well.”

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The singer with a strong voice and passion for music believes music is food for the soul and worked with iconic songwriter Humberto “Beto” Ramon, who has written many hits song for the biggest names in Tejano music including Jimmy Gonzalez and Mazz, Jay Perez, and Gary Hobbs, to name just a few.

Castillo was honored to work with the Tejano legend. “I was so excited,” she said. “You know Beto, he’s amazing. He’s an icon, so being able to work with him as been really a dream come true. Being able to record one of Beto’s songs is just an honor to me. I’m really excited about that.”

The song was written by Ramon based on Castillo’s life experience and was produced by another Tejano icon, Hugo Guerrero, who produced her earlier singles. The track features on Fabian Hernandez on saxophone and Aaron Holler on drums.

The visual was filmed by Ryan Bazan at various locations around San Antonio, Texas including the iconic Riverwalk.

“It was a little something that we came up with just to show more feeling to the song so they can relate more to what the song is talking about,” said Castillo.

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Castillo is following her dreams with her music career. Throughout her life, she has used music to heal herself from the tragedies she has experienced and wants to do the same for others. She plans to release a few more singles before releasing her highly-anticipated debut album before the end of the year.

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