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Tina Mares drops new single and video, ‘Lo Que Un Día Soñé’

The singer released her new single and music video filmed in Las Vegas.

Tina Mares released her new single and music video, “Lo Que Un Día Soñé,” on Sept. 22.


The track was written by Eduardo “Yayo” Anguiano and produced by Latin Grammy winner Anthony Perez.

“Basically the song is about being friend-zoned,” Mares tells Tejano Nation. “Obviously it’s more common with females friend-zoning men. I thought I’d try something different where the female is the one that gets friend-zoned.”

The video was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada by Laredo-based Interline Films and directed by Roel Nava.

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During filming in Sin City, Mares was surprised by her man, musician Billy Silva.

“I got married,” exclaimed Mares. “It was totally a surprise! I expected it but didn’t expect it to be that soon.”

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Mares and Silva tied the knot Vegas-style with a drive-thru marriage ceremony, but the couple plan to celebrate with family and friends with a big-time wedding ceremony in October 2021. The couple welcomed a baby boy in August 2017.

The singer is also working on a full album, including a duet with a surprise female artist that she’s keeping a secret for now.

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