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Monica Saldivar releases video for breakup song ‘Revolución’

The former Tejano Idol winner released the music video for her latest single from her debut album.

Rising star Monica Saldivar has released the official music video for “Revolución,” the latest single from the 2015 Tejano Idol winner’s eponymous debut album.


“The song has always been really powerful for me,” Saldivar tells Tejano Nation about the track penned by Eduardo “Yayo” Anguiano and produced by Eddie Perez of La Calma. “They are incredible musicians as well as songwriter and producer and when we got this song we knew it was going to be powerful so we wanted to make sure the music video was going to be powerful as well in the presentation.”

The visual, filmed and produced by Ryan Bazan, is a powerful presentation for “Revolución” and a joint effort with her family, according to Saldivar.

“We wanted it to be a story,” she added. “We wanted people to understand it even outside of the context of the song, that women can be empowered even after a breakup.”

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“It’s a very strong and powering breakup song for women. I wanted it to be acted out,” she said. “I wanted it to have some flare to it, something that I have never done before I never did any acting.”

Saldivar released her debut album in December 2019 that included the hit singles “Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte”, “Pidelo Ahora”, and “Para Olvidarte.” She is already planning her sophomore album.

The singer will be a part of an upcoming streaming concert with “A LOT To Love Mansfield” scheduled for this fall presented by The LOT Downtown via the organization’s Facebook and Instagram social media pages.

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