Shelly Lares opens up the vault to offer fans rare, exclusive items

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer offers fans a collection of rare, hard to find merchandise accumulated by her late father.

Shelly Lares performs at 39th annual Tejano Music Awards. | Photo: Mariaelena Arocha

Shelly Lares has entertained Tejano fans for 38 years and “Little Miss Dynamite” is opening “The Vault” to offer her fans, known as Shellians, a collection of rare, hard to find items accumulated by her late father, Fred Lares, over the years.


“These are all items that are definitely, if you’re a true Shellian, definitely major collection here because we don’t make these things anymore — music, merchandise, posters — we don’t do those anymore,” Lares said in a social media video. “Those are from my early discography.”

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The collection, available exclusively at the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer’s official website ShellyLares.Online, includes rare and hard to find vinyl, cassettes, and merchandise from the 1990s.

“I’m super excited to have them up there for you guys to purchase,” added Lares. “The Vault is for true Shelly Lares fans that definitely want to add to their collection.”

The GRAMMY nominee returned to the studio this week for the first time since before the pandemic to finish up her highly-anticipated LMD82 album that will celebrate her 38 year music career. She released her latest single, “Salsidpuedes,” a catchy, retro-sounding cumbia this summer.

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