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Destiny Navaira premieres video for ‘mariacheño’ version of ‘La Preferida’

The singer chose the song’s new version with her Mexican roots in mind.

Destiny Navaira will celebrate her Mexican-American heritage with the Sept. 15 release of the single and video for the “mariacheño” rendition of her solo debut album’s title track, “La Preferida.”


Navaira said she chose the song’s new version — a mix between mariachi and Norteño, her traditional Mexican costume that she dons in the video, and the video premiere date, all with her Mexican roots in mind.

“I’m fifth-generation Texan but whether people like it or not most of us (Tejanos) come from Mexico and I think it’s important to remember that,” Navaira tells Tejano Nation. “That’s why we’re such a special people. We have a lot of history. We have a lot of culture there. I just want people to remember that.”

The song, “La Preferida,” is one that was originally done on Navaira’s solo debut album in a ranchera style and the vocalist said the song “captured the whole essence of the album” as well as proved to be a song that would lend well to the mariachi style. The new version is being touted as “mariacheño” and was recorded in Monterrey, Mexico with Manuel Herrera, head of her record label, Unimusik.

Joining the 28-year-old Navaira as she belts out her vocals will be her younger brother, Rigo Navaira, and he appears in the video as well. Navaira said she enjoys continuing the legacy that her father, Raulito Navaira, and her uncle, the late Tejano icon, Emilio Navaira, began, of performing together as siblings.

“I think it’s always cool that we work together because of course, it reminds me of my dad and my uncle,” said Destiny. “Me and my brother, we have a really strong relationship as far as our music. We write together. We do all of that together. We’re on the road together. So, to do fun things like videos and recording in the studio, to see, I think, each other grow as artists, is a really great thing.”

Both Destiny and Rigo dress in traditional mariachi-style outfits for the video. Navaira’s dress came from a retailer in Monterrey, called Rodeo Country that has costumed well-known Mexican artists.

For Destiny, the dress is more than just a costume for the video.

“The idea behind the dress is definitely, I’m from Texas but I’m recognizing my roots,” Navaira said. “I’m pushing my music in Mexico. I’m trying to bring that younger generation back to the Tejano sound, back to Texas music, and I think that’s really where it’s going to start.”

Navaira said she wears the dress with the utmost respect and recognition of her unique Mexican-American heritage.

“I want to show the Mexican people that I understand that, no, I’m not from there but my roots are here and I just want to make them a part of my music the way they made our family a part of their heritage and I really appreciate it,” Navaira said. “And that’s really what the dress is for. Also, that I’m proud to be a Latina. I’m proud to be of Mexican descent. It’s a big part of who I am. It’s a big part of who La Familia Navaira is.”

The video shows the many facets of who she is as a person and performer, Navaira said, and she hopes that comes through to her fans.

“I think that this mariachi version of ‘Preferida’ shows all kinds of sides of who I am,” Navaira said. “It shows me being a singer. It shows me as a young woman. It shows me as a diva. It shows me as a proud Latina. I think this video, it captures that, and I’m really excited for everybody to see it.”

Celebrate the eve of Mexican Independence Day with the video premiere for the mariachi version of Destiny Navaira’s “La Preferida.”

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