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Mexican singer-songwriter Mar García debuts new single ‘Quien Eres Tú’

The singer releases a song dedicated to heartbreak, infidelity, and unrequited love.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mar García, the professional Mexican singer on the verge of being undoubtedly a worldwide household name, fully immerses herself in the recording industry and releases her most recent song written by Ericka Vidrio and produced by Jorge Chapas entitled, “Quien Eres Tu” (Who Are You?). It translates feelings of anguish and mistrust generated by a man’s infidelity towards a woman in a love relationship and vice versa.


“Sometimes we think it will not happen to us, but we all sometimes can get a feeling of coldness and a sense of detachment from our partner. Those of us who are or have fallen victims of infidelity can also learn to play the same game of manipulation.”

The music video for the song was produced and directed by Lorenzo De La Cruz and consisted of scenes where the singer’s partner is unfaithful to her consecutively with several women, and in the end, she decides to go her own way with a new love.

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Mar was born and raised in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and developed a great passion and enthusiasm for the art of music at the age of 7. Listening to melodies on the radio, she knew with certainty that she was born to succeed as an international singing artist.

The talented singer began her debut as a professional singer when one of her first singles, “Pobrecito,” took her on a promotional tour to different parts of Mexico, where she performed an appeared on various media outlets. She was also named “La Chica Sexy” by the top station of Monterrey, 93.3FM.

At 20 years old, Mar García decided to move to Texas, where fate would allow her to continue fulfilling her dreams as a singer, win the Miss Latin Beauty pageant and become a host for the Estrella TV channel. This opened many doors for her singing career.

After competing in Hollywood in the show “Tengo Talento,” and being a finalist, she moved to the great city of Los Angeles. During the first months in Los Angeles, she became part of the famous Colombian group of tropical music, “Sonora Dinamita.” She was offered a contract and to record an album with them but refused to take the deal as her heart was set on being a solo artist.

Mar Garcia | Photo courtesy of Trevino Enterprises

Shortly after, she began recording a solo album that was postponed due to her competing in the musical reality show “La Academia” (TV Azteca), where she did not win but did become one of the remaining finalists.

She then was approached by an individual that introduced her to the film world and she ended up appearing in more than 50 films.

Mar García has been pursuing her dreams for a few years, and she visualizes herself performing among sold-out crowds all over the world. The superstar classifies her style as “grupero/pop” and remarks that his singing style is versatile. She stands out singing cumbia, accordion, romantic, bolero, mariachi, band, sound, and orchestra. Mar adds, “I am very passionate, and I do not categorize myself into one genre of music.”

Mar currently signed a deal with Trevino Music Group distributed through Ingrooves and is releasing her new single and video “Quien Eres Tu” under the label. She is more than ready to go out into the world and begin promotion on her current music.

She also has a love for children and would like to open up a non-profit organization that would educate them in music.

The single is now available on Amazon Music, Spotify, and all other digital outlets.

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