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Magali Delarosa drops fiery new video for cumbia ‘Como Quieres Que Te Olvide’

The Rio Grande Valley singer premiered the visual for her lead single from upcoming fourth album.

Vocalist Magali Delarosa‘s new video for her latest single, “Como Quieres Que Te Olvide,” starts with an adorable cameo from her seven-year-old daughter, Delilah Rose Bergman, then whisks viewers off into an exciting, eye-pleasing whirlwind of dance, romance, fashion, scenic locales, and even fireworks.


De La Rosa said director Baldemar Garcia of 1st Class Cinema did so well with the video that she’s already booked him for her next video for the mariachi-style ballad, “Llorare Por Ti.” She also praised her entire team including dancers, the crew on location and her band.

“I was so excited to do this,” Delarosa said. “This was one of the biggest productions in a video I’ve ever done. It was a great experience.”

She continues: “(My director) did so fabulous. He took my ideas and brought them to life.”

The song, which Delarosa describes as a “cumbia-fusion,” incorporates dance beats, brass sound, and a catchy chorus that makes you want to sing and move along with the music. The song was written by Magali’s father, Carlos Delarosa.

While the lyrics center around heartache, Magali’s sweet, soaring vocals, the upbeat rhythm and powerful brass will likely leave listeners feeling triumphant over getting past the loss of a love rather than feeling sad or somber.

“If you listen to the lyrics, they’re pretty heartbreaking, but you have these different tones in there, a lot of trumpet, a lot of live music going on so it’s kind of a sad song that you can dance to and also have fun with,” she said.

The video was shot in Pharr, McAllen and South Padre Island and Magali appears with her band on the beach, dressed in a black, sequined two-piece outfit, with her dancers in front of a brightly painted mural wearing a royal blue jacket with sheer sleeves, and then, with her love interest, played by Antonio Villarreal. Magali and Villarreal engage in a romantic embrace, backed by a breathtaking fireworks display that caps off the video, thanks to Cross Fishing Charters.

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Magali announced that in addition to the new single and video, she is keeping busy with her other passion, her fashion line, under her name, which is currently underway. Villarreal from the video is actually the face of the men’s wear line while one of the dancers, also from the “Como Quieres Que Te Olvides” video, Lili Briales, will model the ladies’ fashions. (Visit De her Instagram and Facebook for more on her fashion offerings.)

Magali, who is now releasing her music independently, said fans can expect a new album in 2021 but more new music before then.

“We’re going to drop some singles leading up to an album that I want to release in the new year,” she said. “I haven’t decided what month, but it’s pretty much already done. We have a couple of songs we still need to get back in the studio and rework a little bit. But essentially, it’s all going to lead up to an album release, which would be my fourth studio album.”

Magali thanked her current and new fans for their support and feedback.

“I would just like to say to my fans who have really reached out to me after dropping this video, I just want to say thank you so much for all your kind words, for your positivity,” Magali said. “I’ve just gotten the sweetest messages from everybody so I want to thank you guys. You’re always in my heart. You’re always in my prayers.”

Visit Magali Delarosa on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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