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Mariano Y La Preferencia releases ‘Corazón Herido’ from forthcoming album

The award-winning Tejano group from McAllen, Texas releases latest single from upcoming album.

Multiple award winning Tejano group Mariano Y La Preferencia recently released the single “Corazón Herido” from their forthcoming album. It features an easy melody to sing along with and relate to. 


“Corazón Herido” is an original song written and recorded by Mariano Bocanegra, founder of the group from McAllen, Texas, back in 1992 but was never released. 

It tells the story of a one sided love, the man has so much devotion and pours his heart out to the woman he adores and admires but the woman never reciprocates those emotions therefore leaving the man with a “wounded heart.” 

“Since I can remember, I first started writing in 4th grade.  I would write poems to many girls I liked. It was always about love and heartbreak,” Bocanegra tells Tejano Nation. “In 1987, I began writing in Spanish due to my interest in Tejano music at the time.  I would listen to the bands and artists of that era and most songs were about love and heartbreak.

“Corazón Herido” was recorded as part of a demo the band wanted to present to some record labels.  I remember performing most of the cover songs by many different bands of the time and always enjoyed the danceable sound of the “Tejana Ranchera Orchestral.”

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“Of course, due to the popularity of this style in the early 90s many of my songs are in this style,” Bocanegra added.

The single was produced by Roger Pena with BocaMar Records, where he was able to give it a softer spin with some classical ideas. Joe Joe Leal, Jr. also played a huge role in bringing this masterpiece together. He was able to put the drum arrangements evolving the song to a smooth Ranchera Tejana. He also provided the editing, mixing and mastering of the song.

Mariano partners up with none other than the current lead vocalist of La Preferencia, Andrea (Andie) Bustamante, who brings such heartwarming and touching vocals that instantly anyone who listens can relate to the deep heartbreak this song expresses.

 “When I contacted her and I asked her if she would be willing to offer her vocals on the song she immediately agreed,” said Bocanegra. “Andie added her beautiful harmonies in the song which gave it the brilliance that I was earning for.  She knew it was a love song where both genders had to feel the pain.”

This coming year, fans can expect many different styles of music on La Preferencia’s upcoming album, such as cumbias, rancheras, mariachi and boleros. This is expected to be an exciting 2020 and we cannot wait to look forward to what is next!

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