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Ray Ray premieres ‘Ven Ven Ven’ single and music video

The award-winning singer has released his latest single and video from forthcoming album.

Ray Ray has premiered his latest single and official music video for “Ven Ven Ven” from his forthcoming album Veinte Veinte Es Mi Tiempo, and it is absolutely a breath of fresh air. 


The award-winning singer continues to leave his listeners on the edge of their seats never knowing what to expect from him. He is very confident in his sound and his one of a kind style. He also takes great pride in his Latin culture and roots by continuing to drop singles that are fresh and exciting.

“Ven Ven Ven” highlights many fascinating countries with their beautiful cultures by expressing his appreciation through song and calling out each country by name. 

Ray Ray welcomes all of his listeners around the world to come together and hit the dance floor with him in hopes that they will invite him to perform in their place next year. 

“Ven Ven Ven” is an electrifying tune that kicks off with a very upbeat hype vibe; the instruments such as the guitar and lively beat are what get the listener grooving and their hips moving to the lyrics and rhythm. 

The song was written by Ray-Ray and produced by Hugo Guerrero at Nightmare Audio Productions.

“The vibe I was going for is a fun summer song that everyone can dance to at home, in their living room, or anywhere”. Ray Ray tells Tejano Nation.

 “The song is inspired by this pandemic to keep people’s spirits up all over the world. It is one of the many songs that are part of my pandemic collection for the new album. Meaning we had a lot of time on our hands and wrote almost half the album during this time,” he added.

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The visual was filmed by Lupe Moya at LM Media Solutions and begin with a calming ocean view and waves crashing preparing the viewer for more gorgeous vistas to come. Other scenes such as soothing beach shores, tall skyscrapers, mountains, and well-known statues that are so pleasant to the viewers’ eyes it encourages travel and visits to all of these captivating places.

The singer-songwriter is currently working on his third album to be released later this year. He also plans to bring more of an international feel to his music.

“My fans can expect more international type music on my third album,” he said. “I do plan to keep recording as long as the good Lord gives me life in bringing my fans the best music I can. I want to give them something different and refreshing to the ears. Also, I plan to film a few more music videos.”

Erica Garcia, Ray Ray’s wife, supports in promoting his music and manages his career.

“We are a team and that is what makes us work as husband and wife and as being his promoter,” Garcia tells Tejano Nation. “It is very time consuming and we still haven’t gotten everything right yet. It’s trial and error, but we will keep pushing until the door knocks down. It’s in our hearts and souls. We love writing music together and hearing the final product come to life. I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

More projects are to be expected this coming year and new music. Fans cannot wait to see what else Ray Ray has in store for his upcoming album. 

“To all my fans, put your seat belt on because my musical journey is about to skyrocket,” exclaimed Ray Ray, “As always, thank you for your continued support. You all are what keeps me composing original music and moving forward in the music industry and I thank you.”

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