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Yeisi releases debut album ‘Romance Tejano’

The singer-songwiter teamed with a multiple GRAMMY-winning producer for his debut Tejano album.

Yeisi is a newcomer to Tejano music and the singer-songwriter with big dreams has released his debut album Romance Tejano.


The album features eight songs all composed by Yeisi, whose specialty is romantic songs.

“Most of the songs, if not all the songs, are definitely romantic, perfect for that special someone,” Yeisi told the Mas Chingon Radio podcast in a recent interview. “That’s what I like to write. I like to write romantic music. I like to write songs about relationships. That’s my bread and butter.”

Yeisi worked with multiple GRAMMY-winning producer Gilbert Velasquez to create the right sound for his debut Tejano album.

“He asked me, ‘What style of Tejano do you like? What are you looking to get? What kind of sound?’,” Yeisi said about a conversation with Velasquez. “I said, I kind of like the very old school Selena and I like the Bobby Pulido style, so kind of mix in between those two.”

That was enough information for Velasquez to take the songs written by Yeisi and begin to produce a sound that would become Yeisi’s debut Tejano album.

“That’s were we took our inspiration for this sound and this style,” added Yeisi.

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The lead single from the album is a romantic cumbia titled “Amor.”

“The melody and the lyrics came to me really fast and I wrote most of the song in an hour and a half,” he says of the song. “It’s a Tejano/Norteño, so it’s very danceable and it’s a nice song.”

Romance Tejano is Yeisi’s debut album into the Tejano industry, but the talented singer and musician previously released Latin Pop albums including an eponymous album in 2014 and Cosmogonia in 2017.

“Honestly, I can tell you that this is my best work,” Yeisi says about his debut Tejano album. “This is the album that I most satisfied with and I think the people have responded very well to the change.”

Romance Tejano from Yeisi is currently available at all major digital music platforms.

Listen to the full interview with Yeisi on the Mas Chingon Radio podcast below:

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