DJ Kane signs with Faro Latino, plans new album with own label

The two-time Latin GRAMMY nominee will release new music on his own record label next month.

DJ Kane performs at 39th annual Tejano Music Awards. | Photo: Mariaelena Arocha

DJ Kane is set to drop a new album on his own record label with an international company.


He has signed with Faro Latino, a company based in Argentina, that includes a record label, distribution, publishing, legal services, and more. The company made the announcement via social media.

“Happy to start working alongside DJ Kane, lead singer of The Kumbia Kings,” read the announcement. “Some of his achievements include having ranked No. 2 on the Billboard Charts and 2 Latin Grammy nominations as Best Urban Album and Producer of the Year. Welcome to FaroLatino!”

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DJ Kane shared the news in a statement of his own on his official Facebook page. “Well let’s get this motor running once again, I’m hella excited,” he said. “It’s official, just signed to this amazing label Faro Latino. I signed as a label which is JKANEMUZIK and as an artist.”

The crooner said he’s finished his first single, “Dia Y Noche” featuring Prana, which will be released in a month. It will be the first single from his JKANEMUZIK label and lead single from his upcoming album Capitulo IV. The album will feature multiple genres including cumbia, ballads, reggaeton, reggae, trap, and more cumbia, recorded in English and Spanish, from a list of top-notch producers.

“No boundaries,” said DJ Kane. “This album will be all of me and what I’m feeling at that moment. There’s no categories. I will be producing the album alongside my brothers, only the best of the best in this business today.”

He mentioned Mariano Herrera, Cruz Martinez, El Dusty, Mario Ortiz, among others that will be a part of this project.

“Only heavy hitters,” he added. “Each of these guys has their own sound and style. If you know these guys, you know it’s all fire!”

DJ Kane says three singles are planned for release this month, with “Dia Y Noche” featuring Prana, along with a cumbia collaboration with Erick Sanchez of Grupo Massore and rapper Baby Bash, and “Cowboy In His Boots,” a duet with Romeo.

He also plans to sign artists to his JKANEMUZIK record label and lead them to success.

“Because I’m an artist and a producer myself, I know how it feels to be screwed over and lose and I know how it is to win, win, win,” he said. “JKANEMUZIK is now open for business.”

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