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Tejano music legend Rudy Palacios passes away from coronavirus

The legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist died from complications of COVID-19.

Tejano music legend Rudy Palacios passed away from complications of coronavirus late Wednesday night, according to sources.


Palacios’ wife Josie and son Rudy, Jr. are currently recovering from COVID-19 at home. This is a developing story, Tejano Nation will have more details as information becomes available.

Palacios began his career at the age of 15, playing guitar with popular music group Sunny and The Sunliners. He added background vocals and harmonies to memorable songs including “Put Me In Jail,” “Smile Now, Cry Later,” and “The One Who’s Hurting Is You.”

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His passion for playing guitar and singing didn’t stop there, he also had a passion for songwriting. Palacios wrote and co-wrote many hits for The Sunliners and many other hits recorded by other artists.

After leaving Sunny and The Sunliners, Palacios played locally in San Antonio, Texas for groups including The Latin Breed, Rudy and The Reno Bobs, Brown Brandy, Fat Emma, Publio and The Valiants, among others.

Palacios then found himself on the road again backing up a very well known vocal group known as The Platters. After six months on the road with the Platters, he felt it was time to do something on his own as a singer and songwriter.

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“Canciones Del Corazon” was Palacios’ debut solo album that included five of his original compositions. “Que Vivan Los Tejanos” was Palacios’ second album that included nine of his own original compositions. His album, “Mi Musica, Mi Orgullo,” included six of his own original compositions.

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1 comment on “Tejano music legend Rudy Palacios passes away from coronavirus

  1. geno0421

    I know Rudy personally and he’s awesome guy , alot of people don’t know this about Rudy but he’s the guy who wrote the song “Put in Jail ” don’t care about what people say otherwise that he didn’t but I know for a fact , RIP Rudy glad to of met u and known you


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