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Patsy Torres addresses fake news in today’s society with ‘Noticias Falsas’

The veteran Tejano entertainer releases a timely ranchera that speaks out against fake news.

Tejano vocalist and pioneer Patsy Torres released the timely ranchera and video today for, “Noticias Falsas,” which she penned and speaks out towards fake news in today’s society that is fueled by inaccuracy, political divisiveness and agendas, and more.


The single is the latest for Torres’ new album, Dame Tu Corazon, scheduled to be released in a couple of weeks.

“In particular, I’m just watching, but the news stations,” Torres said, pointing out examples of fake news. “I mean, you can change different channels and it’s like an alternate universe. One is saying the opposite of the other. And you’re like, which is the true one?”

Torres said in lieu of a live video shoot, which can’t happen due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, she put together a video of images that tell the story, along with her song.

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“I don’t believe everything I read,” Torres said. “In fact, I’m totally shocked by some of the stuff that’s out there on YouTube, Twitter and it’s just poisoning our country. It’s poisoning the world.”

Torres said personally, she had had the misfortune of the media reporting untruths about her. She said the incident happened a few years ago.

“I had untrue stuff written about me, too,” Torres said. “And I attack right away. I don’t exactly attack, I respond. I don’t just take it. I’m like, ‘Hey, this is not true.’ And the people back off so quickly.”

Torres continued: “It happened a few years ago. There’s hints of it in my video. I’ll leave it at that.”

“Noticias Falsas” is a ranchera in true Tejano form. Torres’ powerful voice delivers a powerful message.

“(The song’s) got accordion and it’s got all the Tejano flavor in it because I love Tejano music,” Torres said. “Tejano music is family music. It’s something that every generation can enjoy.”

Other than Tejano music, Torres said, country music is probably the only other genre that comes close as far as being family-friendly.

The message Torres wants her fans to leave with is the following: “Search for the truth. Find out the truth. Then, learn from it. Defend it and live it.”

Torres said with the current spike in the cases of COVID-19, might mean staying away from fans and live performances, but that is the only way to stop the spread of this virus.

Fans can visit Patsy Torres’ Facebook to order durable and adorable masks, T-shirts, and more. And to catch the latest releases and news about the veteran entertainer.

“Noticias Falsas” from Patsy Torres is available to purchase for download at

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