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Liz Garcia drops new single ‘Se Esta Muriendo Mi Corazón’ from upcoming album

The singer and songwriter releases a bolero and fourth single from upcoming album.

“Se Esta Muriendo Mi Corazón” is the latest single from Liz Garcia and fourth track from her highly-anticipated new album, Una Estrella, that is currently delayed but plans to be released in mid-2020.


The emotional bolero addresses a woman’s love that goes unappreciated by her significant other begging for him to have mercy on her heart since she has grown weak suffering tremendous pain. 

In the song, she claims that he will soon pay the price for his wrongdoings. 

As Garcia sings, the raw vulnerability can easily be displayed in this melody and captures the true emotion one feels when experiencing heartbreak.  

“I love that the song is exactly how I wanted it,” Garcia tells Tejano Nation. “It’s different and inspired by the many scenarios and real-life situations with friends or people I know.”

This song exhibits all that is to come on the Una Estrella album and what her artistry represents. 

The singer and songwriter is very passionate about making each song fit her unique style while relating to fans. 

“I was able to put some feeling into this song so people can relate to it,” Garcia said. “I used personal experiences on some of the new songs coming up on the album, you will get to hear it on my next single coming soon titled ‘Ya Es Muy Tarde’ but that is further down the year”.

She describes her album to have a more mature approach and obvious growth for fans to enjoy and more catchy tunes. 

“I appreciate all my fans and those who believe in my vision,” she said.

“Se Esta Muriendo Mi Corazón” will be available at all digital music platforms soon.

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