‘Película Vol. 1’ EP from Siggno debuts at top of iTunes Regional Mexican Albums chart

The Latin Grammy-winning group reached the top of the chart less than 24 hours after release of new EP.

Grupo Siggno debuted on the top spot of the iTunes Regional Mexican Albums chart less than 24 hours after the release of the group’s Película Vol. 1 EP.


The Latin Grammy-winning group shared the news with a graphic of the chart’s Top 21 albums via social media.

Credit: Facebook / Grupo Siggno

The six song EP contains the hit songs “Yo Te Amo”, “#Hashtag”, and the latest single “Como Una Película”.

“If you don’t know what Pelicula means, it means movie, our movie, volume one,” Turner tells Tejano Nation radio affiliate Magic 106.5 FM in Lubbock, Texas during a recent interview. “We got to write those songs, we go to do those songs before this pandemic, before this COVID-19, and it stopped us from recording the next six songs. So, I said, you know what, let’s give people what they need which is music.”

Turner added that fans can expect another EP and full album over the next year from the Latin Grammy-winning group. “The next songs will probably be out in December and it will be Volume 2,” he said. “And then probably in March of the following year, 2021, it will be the full version, the full story, the full volume, the full album, the full movie complete with an additional four songs and it will be one complete album.”

According to the graphic, three other Tejano albums debuted in the Top 20 including the Freedom Tour live concert album from Joe Lopez at No. 5 and the live concert album Better Than Ever from music legend Little Joe at No. 6, with En Vivo Desde Las Vegas from Bobby Pulido at No. 19.

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