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Shelly Lares on returning to stage after pandemic, new music + more

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer is working on a new album as she doesn't plan to return to stage during pandemic.

This current worldwide pandemic has kept many of us at home over the past couple of months, but as businesses slowly reopen it may take a while before full concerts and live music events return to normal. Many Tejano artists have taken to social media during the pandemic to stream performances for fans from home including Shelly Lares with her Kind of But Not Really Jam Sessions on her YouTube channel.


The Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Famer tells Tejano Nation radio affiliate Magic 106.5 FM in Lubbock, Texas, she doesn’t plan to return to the stage anytime soon. “I know for us it’s going to be a little while because I’m not comfortable yet,” she said. “For me and speaking for my band, my guys too, they feel the same way, they’re like ‘we’re not there yet’.”

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“Little Miss Dynamite” also shared details for new music. “I had planned on releasing a new single in April,” she said. “That was the whole plan, that was the whole goal and I got it done, but I’m really, really feeling adamant about having the video released with it at the same time…they need to be together because it’s such a great song and for it to make sense and for the fans to really appreciate what it’s about and where it came from, I really feel I got to wait and do the video.”

Lares plans to head back to the studio to finish up a full album. She also made her past albums available for sale at her official online store.

Listen to the full interview with Shelly Lares and Magic 106.5 FM

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