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Adrian Solis talks solo career, debut solo singles + more

The singer speaks with Tejano Nation about beginning his solo career, music and much more.

As COVID-19 continues to spread and ignite concerns worldwide, the Tejano genre/artists are taking a hit. Adrian Solis hopes to bring unity with his music.


In an interview with Tejano Nation, Solis expressed concern about the coronavirus and extended his well wishes for things to get better.

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He grew up in a home filled with music, where both of his parents were musically inclined. His mother, Dominga Solis, sings Mariachi music and his dad, Oscar Elloy Solis, had a band called Veronica y Carino, Adrian’s sister, Veronica Solis Ramirez, was the lead singer. Adrian is the youngest of six siblings, and all of his siblings are musically talented.

Talent shows during high school became frequent. At Edcouch- Elsa High School, Adrian was an Estudiantina Student, which was directed by Benigno “Benny” Layton. Layton would be the first to create the only curriculum approved Conjunto program in the State of Texas. He instructed many musicians throughout the years. Artists like Lucky Joe, Epi Martinez, Carlos and Lonnie Gonzales of Los Badd Boyz del Valle. In a text message to DJ Peaches, Adrian expressed his deep gratitude to Mr. Layton for his direction and instruction.

Adrian briefly sang with the Tex-Mex Cadillacs and Tejano Highway 281. Now presently rising in his solo career with two new singles. The first single, “Ya No Estas,” expresses his feelings on personal experience. A video for the song “Ya No Estas” is on YouTube. The second single, “Conciencia” has also been released.

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Adrian stated he will give his best and wants his music to be accepted. It is important for the audience to relate to his music. Adrian is thankful to Tejano Nation, Dj Peaches and Rosie Allision Promotions for all the help.

You can find music from Adrian Solis on all digital platforms. Also, look for his FaceBook page at

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