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TexMexChex Releases Sensational Tejano Folk Debut ‘Que Tengas Suerte’

High-energy folk dance composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer TexMexChex has released the joyful instrumental single “Que Tengas Suerte.” Springing from the imagination of composer-arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and performer Sergio Rivero Ojeda, the melodic song features Gabbanelli accordion, bright tenor sax, organ, and infectious rhythms and will be followed by an official video coming in fall 2020.


“Que Tengas Suerte” is a fresh, dynamic interpretation of a Tex-Mex/Tejano folk dance tune. Offering up tropical rhythms, cheerful melodies, and lush harmonies, the song invokes the lively spirit of the classic cumbia with a modern twist. The single features Ojeda on accordion, saxophone, and keys as well as the talents of renowned Tejano drummer Aaron Holler and bajo sexto player/bassist Robert Aleman.

TexMexChex offers up soul-filled music that celebrates the electrifying energy and melodies, harmonies and exciting drumbeats of the cumbia Norteña. An invention of musical visionary Sergio Ojeda, TexMexChex channels the joyous communal experience of Mexican dance and the artist’s Tex-Mex roots. Bringing together a sophisticated orchestral sound with elements of traditional regional folk music and a youthful, fun-filled feel, Ojeda’s work showcases his deep passion for Latin American folk music as well as his fine-tuned ear for production, superior musicianship and sense of pure joy. He is a master at bringing out the distinct voices of each instrument he incorporates into his compositions, which overflow with lush Gabbanelli accordion, bright tenor saxophone, lively organ, and infectious rhythms. The larger-than-life TexMexChex sound sparkles during playful performances and recordings that reflect Ojeda’s magnetic personality and mission to create shared memories and moments through music.

Ever invested in artistic evolution and exploration, Ojeda has continued to expand his musical horizons through a variety of projects. Before embarking on his solo adventure as TexMexChex, he wrote, composed and produced for, managed and performed more than 40 shows per year with the in-demand Honky-Tonk/Tex-Mex party outfit The Stateline Band. He released the acclaimed single “Hollywood” with the group in 2017 and has played packed venues throughout the Southwest with the band since 2013. He also continues to perform with his father’s band, Neto Y Sus Temibles and collaborate with other local artists on live performances and recordings.

TexMexChex is now in full swing, shaping the vibrant creative culture of his home base in Big Lake, Texas, and he is poised to introduce a new generation to the rich, storied art of Cumbia Norteña. He is currently in the studio arranging new TexMexChex music, where much of his debut single was recorded. Ojeda will be touring throughout Texas with The Stateline Band, Neto Y Sus Temibles and as TexMexChex throughout 2020.

“Que Tengas Suerte” is available now at all digital music platforms, with an official music video to be released in Fall 2020.

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