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Sarah Monique celebrates independence in love with ‘Bienvenida Mi Libertad’ [AUDIO]

The catchy Cumbia welcomes the freedom of Sarah Monique’s independence in love and career.

Sarah Monique is one of Tejano music’s emerging artists. She’s had success with her last single “Brindo Contigo,” a duet featuring Tejano icon Shelly Lares. The singer, who was nominated for Best New Female Artist at the Tejano Music Awards in 2019, has released her latest single “Bienvenida Mi Libertad.”


“This song is special to me because it’s my first single of 2020,” she told Tejano Nation. “The title alone spoke to me and I felt it was perfect to start the new year with a positive mindset in love, career, and everything in between. I was super excited to have something new, something fresh, and something positive to come out in 2020.”

Sarah Monique begins the year as an independent artist and is currently working on her next album, the follow-up to her sophomore album Esta Noche Tu Olvido released in 2018.

“A third album is what’s being worked on currently and I am creating more memorable music,” said Sarah Monique. “I’m just going to be giving a different type of flavor on this album. I want to focus on making sure everybody can relate to the music.

“Bienvenida Mi Libertad” was written by Latin Grammy winner Juan Treviño and produced by Dago Acevedo. The catchy cumbia is available now at all digital music platforms.

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