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Siggno’s latest single, ‘Yo Te Amo,’ highlights ‘Rockteño’ style, keeps romantic feel

The romantic ranchera features soulful vocals from Jesse Turner and Siggno's signature sound.

Grupo Siggno, a dominant force in the Tejano and Norteño musical style, builds on their unique “Rockteño” sound with their latest single, “Yo Te Amo,” released Friday, Nov. 1.

The 35-second rock intro, driven by heavy drums and guitar, morphs into a romantic ranchera that features Siggno staples: charismatic vocalist and accordionist Jesse Turner‘s soulful, impassioned vocals and emotional lyrics about love that will leave listeners — females, definitely — swooning.

“Yo Te Amo” follows this popular formula of skilled vocals and romantic lyrics but builds on Siggno’s distinctive sound. A few listens and the chorus will stay in your head: “Que te amo demasiado, y que no puedo estar sin ti, Que mi alma se ha apagado, desde que no estas aqui…”

Siggno – “Yo Te Amo”

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Siggno’s latest website post in early August announces: “Siggno Working On New Album In Studio,” and shows guitarist Chris Perez in the studio for a brief clip.

Teasers like this leave Siggno fans anxiously awaiting the next single and the entire album to see what the popular, successful group will do next and where the music will take them and their legion of faithful fans.

The group’s upcoming album has big shoes to fill as Siggno’s last album, 2018’s “Monstruo,” featured production by Ricky Munoz of Intocable on a couple of tracks and the album topped iTunes Latin albums rankings just hours after its release.

“Yo Te Amo” is available now at all digital music platforms.

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