‘Monstruo’ from Siggno debuts on top of iTunes Latin Albums Chart hours after its release

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Siggno debuted on top of iTunes Latin Albums Chart with their new album Monstruo, just hours after the album’s release.

According to, a website that tracks iTunes charts, Monstruo is the most popular and best selling Latin albums on iTunes as of Wednesday, October 31, 2018, at 2:43 a.m.

This is Siggno’s first album since the release of Yo Te Esperaré released in July 2016 and was the first-ever No. 1 Top Latin Albums score on Billboard for the group.

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Siggno member Richard Rosales says the album was well worth the wait for fans, “This album has been very interesting. We’ve been recording it for about the past year and a half. I know we hadn’t had an album in quite a long time, but to me it’s well worth the wait. We got to take our time recording this album. We recorded the songs at different moments in our life, different emotions went into it, and therefore the sound is different too. I think that’s what makes this album so real. It gives it character in every song.”

The highly-anticipated 11-song disc also boasts hit songs “Qué Me Amas,” “Solo Ámame,” and the latest hit single “Que Diablos Pensabas.”

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The album features production from Ricky Muñoz and Siggno drummer Joey “Jmz” Jimenez shared his thoughts on working with the Intocable frontman on the project, “Working with Ricky Munoz was an experience…I’ve known him since the ’90s when I used to play with another band, and to get the opportunity to work with him in the studio, to see a different side of him, of producing was really exciting…since we were the actual first band that he’s ever produced. (His) music is something we’ve always looked up to and been inspired by for so many years.”

Monstruo is available at major digital music platforms and you can stream the full album below from Spotify.

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LISTEN: Monstruo by Siggno




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Thomas J Henry

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