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La Tropa F on ‘Preserving Our Culture’ with upcoming album + more [VIDEO]

The group shared details on their upcoming album and more in an exclusive Tejano Nation interview.

La Tropa F plan to release a new single in November and a new album soon, one that will promote “preserving our culture.”


Tejano Nation caught up with the award-winning band at the Tejano Unites For Cancer Benefit in San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 27. Jesse Farias, Jr. shared details on the upcoming album in an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation journalist Sylvia Carrizales.

“The name of the CD is called ‘La Tropa F – Preservando Nuestra Cultura’,” he said. “Preserving our culture, basically. We took it back, did a lot of old school stuff, kind of keep Tejano and our sound going with the new generation.”

The new single, “Ay, Amor,” will be released in mid to late November and La Tropa F want to instill Tejano culture into the next generation of Tejanos.

“Keep your kids involved, this is our heritage, this is our culture, this where we grew up at, Conjunto, Tejano music,” Farias said. “It’s good to keep the kids involved because they are the future, they are the next generation. That’s what it is, that’s what we’re trying to do, just keep everybody involved.”

The band performed at the cancer awareness benefit created by Ram Herrera and his fiancee. Jesse Farias, Sr. is a 15-year cancer survivor and shared details on his battle in the interview and why it’s important to help those in need. Watch the full interview with La Tropa F below.

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