Shevi Love working towards TMA nomination while battling cancer [VIDEO]

The Corpus Christi singer shares details on her cancer battle while aiming for Tejano Music Award.

Shevi Love released her eponymous solo debut EP in 2018. It earned her a place on the ballot for the 39th Tejano Music Awards as Best New Female Artist, but many don’t know the singer battles for her life after a cancer diagnosis.


“They discovered that I had Thymoma cancer which is cancer of the Thymus gland and some of the immune system,” Love told KZTV 10.

Love had a softball-sized tumor embedded right behind her sternum. Doctors removed the sack around her heart and half her lung and started immediate radiation.

Love was given a five to eight-year lifespan, but this month she will have outlived that timeline. The Corpus Christi-based singer isn’t cancer-free yet and struggles at times with physical activities, including performing on stage.

“So now I live with constant pain in my chest and I can feel it shift, I can’t go swimming I can’t give big hugs I can’t do a lot of things,” Love told KZTV 10. “Especially being on stage moving around by the end of the afternoon I’m in so much pain.”

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The top five official nominees for Best New Female Artist will be announced by the Tejano Music Awards soon and Love hopes to be one of those nominees.

“Just the fact that I know I’m going to be up there on the big screen and people are going to be hoping that we won it’s just exciting,” said Love.

The 39th annual Tejano Music Awards is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 16 at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in San Antonio, Texas.

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WATCH: Local musician battling cancer gets nominated for TMA

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Source: Local musician battling cancer gets nominated for a Tejano Music Award | KZTV 10

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