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Ram Herrera and fiancée host cancer awareness benefit to help those in need of treatment

The Tejano icon and his fiancée want to help those that can't afford cancer treatments.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for Ram Herrera, breast cancer hit close to home for the Tejano icon last year when his fiancée Gloria Jean was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.


Herrera put recording his new album on hold to support his fiancée during her treatment to battle cancer with chemotherapy and other treatments.

“She survived it all, she’s cancer-free now, thank God,” Herrera told Tejano Nation. “She decided she wanted to give something back to help people that was less fortunate and don’t have insurance.”

During her visits to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for treatments, Gloria Jean saw the need to help those who could not afford the cost of treatments.

“I cried when I was there at the doctor’s and people had no insurance,” Gloria Jean told Tejano Nation. “I said, ‘Can we do something for them? Can we raise money?’.”

The couple decided to help those in need with annual concert benefits in October beginning this year featuring some of Herrera’s friends in Tejano music. Shelly Lares, David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, La Tropa F, and LaDezz donated their talent to help with the benefit at Thirsty Horse Saloon in San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 27.

“I wanted to get Tejano awareness,” said Gloria Jean. “I wanted to involve all Tejano, not just Ram or myself. Every year we want to do it.”

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