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Kary Karina premieres ‘Me Voy A Ir’ official music video

The singer debuted the official music video for her latest single exclusively with Tejano Nation.

Eagle Pass native Karina Castillon grew up watching and listening to her brother Jose Castillon Jr. and cousin Carlos (Charlie) Castillon practice in the garage of their home.

From those long into the night sessions to the spontaneous mini-concerts that took place. She was part of their musical journey even traveling alongside sometimes as they performed with different bands such as Gary Hobbs and Joe Garcia Y Los Amigos. Garcia is the father of Jimmy and Joey of the Garcia Bros., one of the most prolific groups known for their “Pachuco” style and rhythmic Conjunto sound.

Upon the release of “Las Miradas” by Hobbs, the excitement grew as the two were officially part of the recording.

Carlos (Charlie) Castillon is second to your left end and Jose Castillon Jr. on the far right end.

Shortly after Jose Castillon Jr. decided to venture out to pursue higher education, the music never left him and sometime later alongside some friends he formed a group.

That’s when Karina at the age of fifteen was asked to join and without hesitation, she made her debut at her own Quinceanera.

For eight consecutive years, the group played at various events and venues. Things seemed to be going great as they even recorded some original material.

Then out of nowhere due to some unforeseen circumstances, the group came to a halt.

Life events had taken them into different directions.

In 2015, they came back together and took the stage as the group now named Pin.

They became a household name and well known in their hometown and surrounding areas.

“The response we’ve received was so amazing and truly humbling,” said Karina.

After a couple of years with the group, she wanted to take things a step further and entered a talent contest in San Antonio, becoming one of the finalists. She was awarded a recording at Luz-Mex Records by Jose “Pepe” Leon.

Shortly thereafter, she was in the studio in which he wrote the song “Beso Hechizado” and recorded it alongside producer Anthony Perez.  It was released in 2018 and well received by the industry.

“I was so overwhelmed by such positive feedback,” said Karina.

In February 2018, after opening up for Stefani Montiel, she got to me meet someone she had always wanted to work with. One of the industries most prolific entertainers and producers Gabriel Zavala.

Karina knew she wanted something different for her next single. She had this idea for a song and presented it to him. The 2013 song from Jenny and the Mexicats, “Me Voy A Ir,” but with the Zavala flare!

The studio session to record the song was an experience on its own.

“He is a mastermind at his craft but is also very open to the ideas, thoughts and suggestions the artist may have throughout,” said Karina.

Can we go ahead and make it official?

Will those two songs be part of that certain album?

“I am very happy, proud and humbled to say, yes,” said Karina. “The response from the public has been wonderful and I am very grateful for everyone that has attended our shows and played my music. It’s because of them I’ve been given that desire to fulfill a dream and complete a project that has been in the works for so long. Thank you all so much for your continued support.”

With that here is the exclusive video premiere of “Me Voy A Ir,” the second released single as an independent artist for Karina Castillon, directed by Johnny Davila.

WATCH Kary Karina — “Me Voy A Ir”

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