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Joe Lopez preparing to make a return to music

The singer is preparing his return to the stage and recording new music.

Joe Lopez has been away from the music scene for over a decade, but the singer is preparing to make a return, according to his new record label.


Monterrey Music made the announcement via social media on Friday (Oct. 4).

“Joe Lopez is back fully ready to conquer the Tejano audience and the new generations,” said the record label. “He is preparing his return to the stage, as well as the recording of his new singles.”

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Lopez was a part of legendary Grupo Mazz, one of the most popular groups in Tejano music, recording hit songs “No Te Olvidare,” “Estupido Romantico,” “Ven Devorame Otra Vez,” “Que Me Lleven Canciones,” and many more.

No official date for Lopez’s return was announced, but Tejano Nation will have more details as they become available.

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Lopez was paroled in March 2018 after he served 12 years of his 32-year prison sentence for multiple sex offenses involving his 13-year-old niece. Thes singer has always maintained his innocence and is working towards exoneration.

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7 comments on “Joe Lopez preparing to make a return to music

  1. Belinda Gonzalez

    Alright! Can’t wait to hear him singing again! Welcome Back Joe Lopez we missed you and still love ya❤️❤️


  2. Esteban Cisneros

    HELL YEAH !!! The TRUE King of Tejano is Back in the Saddle again !!! Can’t wait for him to be exonerated and be ALMOST $1,000,000.00 richer due to wrongful conviction/imprisonment !!! GET IT JOE !!!


  3. Jonh Todd

    Is all I need….Joe Lopez…I’ll be waiting for you my man…..te quiero ver cantar…you don’t care about the people that no creyo en tu inocencia we are alot of people that we love you man…


  4. Vivian Torrez

    Hello Joe I have been waiting like what
    seems forever for you to come back. Waiting anxiously.


  5. Richard Silvaz

    joe lopez , you have really never left .. we have all the Tejano Bands playing all your songs they them self have kept you alive The question is why ? Do many Many Tejano Bands play your music now in the Year 2020 since 1979 very simple . I have being saying it for years You were play music from the future !!!! plus you played something that would last in peoples minds forever. not just to last while you where listing to that one song


  6. lgcastro71

    Hell yeah we love Joe Lopez !!!


  7. “Freedom Tour” ? For whom? Not for his niece that he emotionally scarred for life. He is the lowest form of life on this earth. I used to love his music. If I need to vomit, I will use his music. He will NEVER be as great as who he used to be…NEVER. karma and guilt…


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