Joe Lopez speaks on lie detector results, plans for new music [AUDIO]

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Joe Lopez | Facebook/Sandra Vallejo

Joe Lopez spoke about his recent positive lie detector results, when he plans to work on new music and much more in an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation radio affiliate KXTN on Tuesday.

Results of a recent lie detector test taken by Lopez says the former Tejano singer is telling truth, that he did not have sex with his teenage niece, a crime he was convicted of in 2006 and spent more than a decade in prison.

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“Since day one I’ve been trying to tell everybody that I didn’t do anything, that I was falsely accused,” Lopez told KXTN morning host DJ Homie Marco. “I’m very close to being exonerated…they know that I’m telling the truth. It’s just a matter of time now to go the court and talk to a judge and let him decide.”

Lopez was asked questions about the crimes, but the questions are confidential and part of a writ of habeas corpus as his legal team works toward exoneration. A polygraph and a sex evaluation are required six months after a convict is discharged from prison.

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The former Mazz singer added what he’s been working on books about his life and music career.

“I’ve been writing two books,” he said. “One book about my life and another book about my band Mazz. Everything is going to be there for the fans to see and to read and to know the truth.”

Lopez also talked about when fans could hear new music from the singer.

“I wrote a hundred and eighty something songs, Tejanas and gospel music,” he said. “They took away 10, 12 years of my life, but they can’t take my voice away. It’s going to continue and I promise the people that as soon as I get exonerated, I’ll be in the studio 24 hours a day.”

Lopez was released on parole in March, but he is not a free man. After more than 11 years in prison, the co-founder of Grammy winning group Mazz, has to wear an ankle monitor and spend most of his time inside. He is under extensive supervision with limited time out of his home, for now.

The interview also mentions the controversy over the legal owner of the name Mazz, since the death of the band’s co-founder Jimmy Gonzalez in June. Listen to the full Joe Lopez interview with KXTN below.

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LISTEN: Exclusive Joe Lopez interview with KXTN





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6 Comments on Joe Lopez speaks on lie detector results, plans for new music [AUDIO]

  1. christine flores // August 30, 2018 at 11:38 pm // Reply

    This does not sound like Joe Looez


  2. christine flores // August 30, 2018 at 11:42 pm // Reply

    Anyhow if this is go!!Get your justice done.been a mazz fan for many years. I knew you were not guilty.


  3. I’ll be praying for you Joe! I know you’re not guilty of any wrong doing! Waiting on your return! God Bless! And Long live Mazz!


  4. Cynthia Fuentes // September 5, 2018 at 8:52 pm // Reply

    Just stay positive my friend and never give up on your dream and keep fighting for your rights you know you’re innocent so show them that you’re innocent and I believe that you’re really going to come back strong


  5. Laura Mendes // November 17, 2018 at 8:27 pm // Reply

    Love you Joe but I hope you’re not banging your so called manager Sandra Vallejo . I read you 2 live together.


  6. Irma Gonzalez // February 1, 2019 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    We miss you Joe!!


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