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Las Fenix talk new single ‘Un Traguito De Tequila’

"Un Traguito De Tequila" is the latest single from the dynamic group of five sisters known as Las Fenix.

Las Fenix | Courtesy photo

“Un Traguito De Tequila” is the latest single from the dynamic group of five sisters known as Las Fenix, released on February 1.


Recently, the Houston, Texas-based band spoke with Tejano Nation about their latest single and how it really grew on them to become one of their top songs to perform.

“When we first heard it, it was not love at first listen, but it definitely grew on us,” said Nadia Rodriguez. “Now it has become our top song at the moment.”

Following the push for their new single, the group did share with us details for their upcoming music video set to be released on February 12 at 4 PM CT on Univision’s daily news magazine show “Primer Impacto.”

While they have been pushing the release for this single they are also looking into the future quickly as they are working on their international fan base.

“We are actually, currently working on going to Mexico City.” shared Lesli Rodriguez. “It has always been one of our biggest dreams to perform, and be more constant in Mexico. “

The group did also leak that there is another single in the works to be released, but no further information was given regarding the new single itself.

However, in an exciting turn, they did share that they are planning to release a new album sometime this year. The group already has three tracks for that album, but before releasing it they want to focus on releasing singles individually.

Fans interested in the latest news on the group can find more information on LasFenix.com, Las Fenix on Facebook, and Las Fenix on Instagram.

LISTEN: “Un Traguito De Tequila” — Las Fenix

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