Los 2G’s Ruben Y Hector release debut single ‘Como Una Cualquiera’ [AUDIO]

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Ruben Garza and Hector Gonzalez are together once again, known now as Los 2G’s Ruben Y Hector, and they released their debut single, “Como Una Cualquiera,” on Friday. It’s the lead single from the duo’s new album Juntos Otra Vez released in January on via CHR Records.

Garza was singing with the legendary Ruben Vela at a very early age. As lead vocalist for Los Dos Gilbertos, he crossed paths with Rick Garcia, CHR Records President, in 1979. From that day til present, Garcia has been producing the majority of Garza’s recordings, whether as vocalist for Los Dos Gilbertos to his reunion with Ruben Vela.

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Upon the formation of CHR Records in 2018, Garcia invited Garza to come on board as a recording artist.

“I am a fan first,” said Garcia, “and a label exec second.”

Garza was among the first to join the CHR family of artists, and during the production of the album, Garza re-associated himself with Gonzalez, a vocalist and accordion player who had performed with Ruben Garza in the past.

Garcia notes that both Garza and Gonzalez are very talented musicians and both have had successful solo careers, there was magic when both came together in the recording studio.

“It was the most natural partnership I’ve ever seen,” Garcia said. “It sounded as if they had been performing together for decades.”

Come to find out that as a young musician, Gonzalez grew up listening to the music of Ruben Vela and Los Dos Gilbertos, so performing in the style of Los Dos Gilbertos comes naturally, as well as performing accordion in other variations.

“It’s the real deal,” Garcia added. “The iconic Ruben Garza has recorded more than 75 full albums and countless 45 rpm’s. He has perhaps the most recognized voice in Conjunto history. We at CHR Records could not be happier with Los 2G’s Ruben Y Hector”.

When asked about the closely associated name Los 2G’s with Los Dos Gilbertos, Garcia said, “Both Ruben Garza and Hector Gonzalez have last names that end with a “G”, therefore 2G’s…fits like a glove. This is in no way meant to diminish the tradition of Los Dos Gilbertos. I was Gilberto Garcia’s producer as well. He was a legend. No one will ever be able to take his place.”

Los 2G’s Ruben Y Hector stand on their own talents and merits.

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LISTEN: “Como Una Cualquiera” — Los 2G’s Ruben Y Hector

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