Ruben Garza and Hector Gonzalez reunite as Los 2Gs

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Thomas J Henry

Ruben Garza and Hector Gonzalez have reunited as Los 2G’s

What a great way to start the Conjunto new year! Two great musicians are getting back together after almost two and a half years apart.

Today, it was announced that Ruben Garza and Hector Gonzalez will be back on the road as Los 2Gs.

Garza introduced Gonzalez to Gilberto Garcia when Garza was playing with Los Dos Gilbertos. When Garcia became too ill to continue playing, he asked for Gonzalez to fill in. After Garcia passed, they became La Nueva Era, leaving the name Los Dos Gilbertos to the Garcia family.

The Tejano Music National Convention in 2016 was the last time that Garza and Gonzalez performed together.

“Life and time has brought us back together,” said Garza.

“We will continue to bring you that hardcore, elegant, and classy Conjunto sound that knocks your socks off,” exclaimed Gonzalez.

They have completed a CD that will be released next month on CHR Records, and have a full itinerary for the new year. Keep an eye out and make sure you support and go to one of their shows!

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