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Juaquin Cura joins Ram Herrera’s Outlaw band as guitarist

Juaquin Cura | Courtesy photo

Young music sensation Juaquin Cura has joined the band of Ram Herrera, the Tejano music legend announced on January 2.

The news was posted on Herrera’s official Facebook page, “It’s my pleasure to introduce our newest Outlaw member, Juaquin Cura to Ram Herrera & The Outlaw Band! Welcome Juaquin!”

Cura, originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, and now residing in San Antonio, is the former lead singer for David Lee Garza y Los Musicales and was featured on Just Friends, the 2013 Latin Grammy winner for Best Tejano Album. Also adding to this talented musician’s resume, Cura has been the guitarist for LA⋅45.

Cura stated he saw Ram Herrera was looking for a guitar player, which he immediately reached out to Danny Rodriguez, bass player for Ram Herrera, who was thrilled with the opportunity to have Cura as part of the band.

“It was a tough decision, but I’m super excited for this new opportunity with Ram,” Cura said in an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation contributor Elisa “DJ Peaches” Jaimez. “It’s a complete honor and his band, they’re very good. I’m super excited to start playing with the band.”

Before Cura made the decision to join the Outlaw band, he reached out to LA 45 for their blessing. John Ontiveros and Mike Torres III were more than supportive and Cura added he has not dropped out of LA 45 completely, he will still help out when he can with dates or recording sessions.

“I will always be there for them, no matter what,” said Cura. “They’re like family to me, I’ve known them for years.”

Cura is also planning solo projects, working with his friend, musician, and producer Chris Villanueva, for a few singles coming up in the near future.

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